Sunday, 1 June 2014

Truffles the Sheep as Tourist Guide

Hello everyone! Truffles the sheep here. As some of you may know, I live in a house full of Jellycat rabbits. It's not easy being a sheep sometimes. I may be small, but I can do many things too! Luckily Hat Lamb is always there to keep me company.
As if this place wasn't full enough, we've had some new arrivals! They are called 'Moulin Roty', and they are French! It is very strange to have some softies from another country here, but they are very friendly and we are getting to know them. Today I went on a little trip with Mimosa the cat. It was nice and sunny, finally, after days of grey clouds and rain..
I thought Mimosa might like to do a bit of sightseeing, and took her to Southbank - a wonderful place!

Here we are having some Bubble Tea - delicious!

There was a lovely food market where our human friend ate (you can read more of her point of view on her blog - this is OUR space, thank you very much!) Some humans were playing around in some fountains - we took a little video just for you reading this.

Next, we got on the train - that was so exciting, as I haven't been many times, and it was Mimosa's first time! 

We were going to an art exhibition that a friend of our human friend was doing - wow! (Our human friend writes about this too on her blog, and she has pictures!!)

I think Mimosa had a fun time - I sure did! Have you ever had bubble tea? 

Here is a picture of the new French softies:

Alby (Albert), Mimosa, Sylvain, Isidore, Julien

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